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Loss Prevention & Control Plan

The New Mexico Judicial Branch Loss Prevention & Control Plan complies with the New Mexico State Loss Prevention & Control Program Rule, 1.6.4 NMAC. The NMJB Plan assures that loss prevention and control are:

  • an integral part of the job and the required training of each Jucial Branch employee;
  • a line management responsibility of high priority, evaluated on the execution of this responsibility;
  • a Judicial Branch commitment demonstrated by the appointment of knowledgeable and experienced loss control personnel; and,
  • that compliance with the workplace safety and employment-related civil rights rules and regulations is a priority.

Each Judicial Entity is assigned a Loss Control Coordinator. Please visit the State of New Mexico, Risk Management Division, Loss Prevention & Control Bureau webpage for resources to establish a Loss Control Program. If you have any questions, please contact Tamara A. Roybal at 505-827-4956.


Safety Information

Home Security Audit and Recommendations
Taking Precautions: 101 Personal Safety Tips for Judges and Court Staff



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