Federal and State Employment Law Posters

These posters are required by Federal and State Employment laws to be posted at all New Mexico Judicial Offices.

Federal Employment Law Posters

State of New Mexico Employment Law Posters

For more information, please go to the Department of Workforce Solutions website: or contact AOC HRD.


Federal and State Employment Law posters are created to inform workers of their rights and protections under federal and state law.  It is mandatory to post them in a conspicuous area to avoid fines up to $7,500 for each inspection. 


New Mexico courts and court-affiliated organizations are asked to post the most current Federal and New Mexico State Employment Law posters where employees and the public may easily view them.

As the federal government and New Mexico State agencies make changes to the posters, copies will be available to all New Mexico Judicial Offices on this webpage and through the AOC/Human Resources Division to assure consistent compliance with posting regulations. Posters can also be purchased in a large laminated format; please contact David Pacheco, AOC Fiscal Services at 505-827-4830. Any purchases will need to be approved by Oscar Arevalo, Fiscal Services Director.

All-in-one posters are available from your local NM Department of Workforce Solutions for free.

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