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Administrative Office of the Courts

Certified Court Monitor #00000731-24000, At-Will, Full-Time, Tucumcari, NM

Opening Date: 11-27-2019 - Close Date: 12-13-2019

Job Pay Range: EE: $12.947 - $21.039 per hour

Target Pay Range/Rate: $18.316 per hour

The Tenth Judicial District Court is recruiting for a Full-Time, At-Will, Certified Court Monitor position #00000731-24000 in Tucumcari, New Mexico. SUMMARY: Under general supervision, ensure accurate, significant, audio/digital recording of judicial proceedings. Finalist(s) may be subject to criminal background check.


  • Education: A high school diploma or GED.
  • Education Substitution: None
  • Experience: One (1) year of court or legal experience.
  • Experience Substitution: None
  • Certification: Court Monitor Certification must be obtained within six (6) months of hire.
  • Other: Completion of a post offer background check may be required.
  • Knowledge: Knowledge of digital recording and word processing software; legal terminology; courtroom practices and procedures; the difference between providing information and legal advice; safety and security issues; filing systems and general office practices and equipment (i.e., telephone, printer, copier, fax, scanner, and calculator).
  • Skill & Ability: Skill in concentrating and paying attention to detail for prolonged periods of time; maintaining confidentiality; communicating in a courteous and professional manner with judges, the public, attorneys, jurors and all other parties involved in cases; operating and troubleshooting software and hardware (i.e. PA systems, microphones, hearing impaired devices, video conferencing equipment and telephonic conferencing equipment); active listening; recognizing and logging important events in the court proceeding in order to create accurate logs; log activities in a concise and logical manner; understanding written and oral instructions; managing time effectively while handling a high-volume workload in an environment subject to frequently changing priorities and high stress; knowing when to seek assistance; providing good customer service; using common sense and diplomacy; maintain accurate records, filing, typing and entering information. Ability to understand and follow the Rules Governing Recording of Judicial Proceedings and Code of Conduct; control all aspects of recording judicial proceedings including keeping time; process work in a timely, prompt, accurate and complete manner; communicate effectively both orally and in writing with diverse parties; respond appropriately to stressful situations involving distraught, angry or emotional persons; when necessary to call security in dangerous situations; be informative without giving legal advice; remain neutral in court proceedings; use a computer and computer software including: digital recording software, word processing, case management and report systems; troubleshoot PA systems, microphones, hearing impaired devices, video conferencing equipment and telephonic conferencing equipment; multi-task; accept management guidance; meet deadlines under pressure; be organized; work as a member of a team and assist in the flow of documents from judges to associated parties; establish and maintain cooperative working relationships; be flexible; show diplomacy; receive and follow directions; maintain patience; learn quickly and train court monitoring tasks to others; and apply relevant policies and procedures to assigned work.
  • EXAMPLES OF WORK PERFORMED: Monitor and record judicial proceedings operating an audio recording machine or digital recording system to provide litigants, attorneys, Special Commissioners/Hearing Officers and Judges access to the record for appellate review, trial preparation and preparation of orders; set-up and ensure recording equipment is working properly; verify recordings of proceedings are audible; document and time-stamp events occurring in courtroom by generating accurate log outlining pertinent events/appearances of the judicial proceeding and/or case notes; responsible for equipment used in court room or by remote operating location; gather, deliver and file the compact disk recording, receipt for log and disc, receipt for exhibits, and exhibits to provide accurate record keeping procedures; responsible for retention of all case material; mark for identification, log, file, and account for court exhibits to safeguard evidence as a public, sequestered or sealed exhibit; act as a liaison between court personnel, litigants or attorneys to advance court proceedings; review court file, prepare next day’s hearings, including picking up all files for the day from judges and clerks; conduct research utilizing computer retrieval system; and conduct training and certification/re-certification for other monitors/employees. May be required to travel to other locations to record hearings; calendar and set hearings; process documents for filing; make copies of: tapes/compact discs, logs and files; draft and prepare orders, legal correspondence and documents for judge; act as Trial Court Administrative Assistant; process appeals for the Court of Appeals; and perform other associated duties as assigned.
  • WORK ENVIRONMENT AND PHYSICAL DEMANDS: The following functions are representative of the work environment and physical demands an employee may expect to encounter in performing tasks assigned to this job. Work is performed in an often fast paced and stressful work environment in an office, court setting or hospital setting. The employee is expected to be punctual and to adhere to assigned work schedule. The employee must regularly interact positively with co-workers, supervisor, managers, judges and the public; work under severe time constraints and meet multiple demands from several people. The work performed requires frequent use of computers, repetitious hand, arm and finger motions as well as manual/finger dexterity. The employee must be able to walk, talk, hear, climb ladders, kneel, stoop; move, lift, pull and carry up to 25 pounds, work overtime and flexible work hours including weekends and holidays and travel occasionally. The employee may be required to sit or stand for long periods of time. The employee may be exposed to fluctuating building and outdoor temperatures; mental fatigue; hostile or violent situations that may arise when dealing with individuals involved in court cases; exposed to disturbing or hazardous court exhibits and contagious health conditions.
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Tenth Judicial District Court
Attn: Marion Payton
P.O. Box 1067, Tucumcari, NM 88401
Phone: (575) 461-2764
Fax: (575) 461-4498