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Administrative Office of the Courts

Security Bailiff #00054649-23900, #00054648-23900 Full-Time, PERM, in Clovis, NM

Opening Date: 10-08-2019 - Close Date: 11-15-2019

Job Pay Range: CC: $10.084 - $16.387 per hour

Target Pay Range/Rate: $11.344 - $12.605 per hour

The Ninth Judicial District Court is recruiting for two (2) full-time, classified, Security Bailiff position #00054649 and #00054648 in Clovis, New Mexico. SUMMARY: Under general supervision of a Judge, Court Administrator, or Bailiff Supervisor plan for, monitor and provide security for the courthouse; ensure proper behavior in the courtroom for all proceedings, provide customer service, assist Judge, jurors and other parties as needed. Operate security and metal detecting equipment at entrance to courthouse or courtroom, if applicable. May perform clerical duties as assigned. This is an unarmed security position. Finalist(s) may be subject to criminal background checks.


  • Education: High school diploma or GED.
  • Education Substitution: None.
  • Experience: One year general experience in a security, law enforcement or legal setting, of which six (6) months must have been specific experience in law enforcement and/or security work.
  • Experience Substitution: Relevant post-secondary education may substitute for general experience at a rate of 30 semester hours equals one (1) year of experience. Education or other relevant experience may not substitute for the specific experience required.
  • Other: Completion of a post offer background check is required. Selected candidates will receive additional security training specific to the court. Training may include operation of security and metal detecting equipment, standard first aid training, which includes Adult CPR, Automated External Defibrillator (AED).
  • Knowledge: Knowledge of general court procedures; security management and safety practices; evacuation procedures and fire alarm system; metal detector, security equipment, and mobile x-ray inspection system; customer service practices; safety and security issues; first aid techniques; fire and police reporting procedures; proper English usage; general office practices; electronic equipment, (i.e., telephone, printer, copier, fax, television, video recorder, projector, and audio equipment); general organizational structure of the judiciary; and courtroom protocol.
  • Skill & Ability: Skill in being attentive to details; detecting safety hazards; acting decisively, quickly and taking charge in directing others in an emergency or dangerous situation; advanced planning for emergency situations; applying rules and regulations of security; detecting unusual situations; communicating in a courteous, clear and professional manner with all parties; maintaining confidentiality; working independently; being organized; active listening; dealing with people diplomatically; providing clear and concise instructions; providing good customer service; telephone etiquette; maintaining professional demeanor and composure; concentrating and paying attention; working in an environment subject to high stress; communicating rules; understanding written and oral instructions; knowing when to seek assistance; and appraising situations. Ability to operate security equipment; apply first aid; call appropriate personnel, such as police, fire and/or ambulance; concentrate fully and remain alert during proceedings; adhere to strict guidelines on communication with jurors, defendants and attorneys; maintain decorum in the courtroom and enforce rules and procedures during proceedings; remain neutral in court proceedings; speak loudly and clearly when announcing Judge=s entrance and departure; use a computer, including word processing, case management and report systems; multitask; remain calm and handle emergencies, such as courtroom evacuation, juror emotional or physical distress and equipment malfunction; plan ahead; perform basic office procedures; recall and recognize names; operate electronics, such as television, video recorder, projector, audio and security equipment; follow through on processes and paperwork; follow instructions of the Court and give instructions to the public; meet deadlines under pressure; effectively present information to Judges and various legal agencies; deal effectively with the media and operate a digital camera for photographing defendants.
  • EXAMPLES OF WORK PERFORMED: Check for suspicious activity, inappropriate behavior, illegal contraband and prevent in-courtroom, communication and contraband transfer between inmates and public; provide personal security for elected officials, judicial employees and visitors to building; call for additional security and/or evacuate the courtroom if necessary; operate security and metal detecting equipment at entrance to courthouse or courtroom; maintain security equipment; identify and deter suspicious activity; develop and communicate to staff and judges an emergency response/security action plan (i.e., lockdown, calling 911, emergency protocol, and warning signals); act as a liaison with local law enforcement agencies for coordinating the transport of inmates to/from the courthouse and/or courtroom and when coordination and planning is required for high profile trials and sentencing; inspect people and packages entering and leaving the building; assist jurors with special needs, set up and take care of the courtroom during proceedings, including setting up microphones, easel board and exhibits, arranging a podium and tables, replenish supplies for Judge and staff; ensure the courtroom is clean and temperature is comfortable; work with attorneys who may need special equipment for a hearing; maintain, request and secure exhibits entered as evidence during proceedings or until handed off at the end of trial to appropriate personnel; obtain files and Judge=s notes of upcoming cases for Judge=s review; assemble files in the order cases are to be heard for the day; print/post docket of cases to be heard for Judge and Judge=s staff; ensure Judge has immediate access to updated files, motions and documents; escort (potential) jurors to and from the courtroom; assist in assembly of potential jurors, and instruct jurors on process; after juror selection, provide customer service and maintain contact with jurors during trial; announce Judge=s entrance and departure into the courtroom and ensure proper decorum is maintained in the courtroom during proceedings; take and relay messages, fax orders, get supplies, file pleadings, assist in inventory, move furniture, mail documents, copy tapes, run court errands; ensure all parties are present for each hearing; assist in document flow from Judge to attorneys and/or pro se parties and get signatures on court documents; submit work order for building maintenance; assist in purchase of courthouse security equipment, such as x-ray machine, walk-through detector; coordinate evacuation drills or plans; maintain juror time records, take roll call and ensure jurors are seated properly. May monitor Judge=s Areport backs@ to ensure that court orders are being followed; swear in witnesses and proper parties; train other bailiffs; coordinate juror meals during deliberations; enter dispositions into the case management system or prepare orders for Judge=s signature; schedule maintenance of state vehicle, and drive Judge and staff to other court locations; break down files to go onto microfilm and copy appeal cases file books in library; update statute books; perform Court Monitor duties; place maintenance requests; assign STN (State Tracking Number) through District Court to law enforcement agencies, answer phones, and other associated duties as assigned.
  • WORK ENVIRONMENT AND PHYSICAL DEMANDS: The following functions are representative of the work environment and physical demands an employee may expect to encounter in performing tasks assigned to this job. Work is performed in a court setting. The work is performed in an often fast paced and stressful work environment. The employee is expected to be punctual and to adhere to assigned work schedule. The employee must regularly interact positively with co-workers, clients, the public, judges and justices; work under severe time constraints and meet multiple demands from multiple sources. The employee will be frequently required to stand/sit for long periods of time and walk often; to travel (valid New Mexico Driver=s license required). The employee must have good vision and hearing. The employee may be exposed to hostile or violent situations that arise when dealing with individuals involved in court cases; exposed to disturbing or hazardous court exhibits and contagious health conditions. The employee may be required to lift, kneel/stoop, move, push, pull or carry up to 50 pounds; frequently work under severe time constraints and meet multiple demands from several people; work overtime and/or flexible work hours; dress appropriately for a courtroom; attend training.
TO APPLY: A New Mexico Judicial Branch application for employment or resume and resume supplemental form, proof of education and cover letter must be submitted to:

Application forms:
Microsoft Word Format
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Resume Supplemental Forms:
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Ms. Sharon Nunez, Human Resources
Ninth Judicial District Court
Curry County Courthouse
700 N. Main St.; 3rd Floor; Suite #16
Clovis, NM 88101

The New Mexico Judicial Branch applications and resume supplemental forms may be obtained at the NM Judiciary website @ or can be requested in person at the Human Resources office of the Ninth Judicial District Court.